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Gatekeeper will:

  • Simplify and greatly speed up the tasks required at Gate
  • Lessen the chance of sign-in errors and oversights by inexperienced or overloaded staff
  • Eliminate the fuss needed to prove someone’s SCA membership – membership cards aren't essential, though in some cases alternate ID may be needed
  • Help with optional gate activities like t-shirt distribution, bunkroom assignments and chore reminders
  • Provide a detailed Gate Report to quickly reconcile attendance and on-the-spot payments for the Event Report, and also help calculate site fees, Kingdom Levy and Event Membership fees
  • Provide the relevant incorporation with an electronic record of attendance and - where jurisdiction allows - event memberships/indemnities

Gatekeeper depends on you providing:

  • Some kind of booking spreadsheet describing who booked and for what
  • Enough time for the gate deputy to learn how it works - download the trial version now!
  • A Windows laptop or similar at the event, with enough AC power or battery to be usable (internet at the event is not required)

Gatekeeper does not replace the need for:

  • prior planning
  • a Gate process manual and/or adequate training for casual staff
  • printed copies of relevant schedules, Society rules etc. for viewing by attendees
  • anything your local SCA incorporation says must still be handled on paper, such as sign-in forms for minors. Their requirements may change from time to time so, when in doubt, check!

You'll find loads more information in Frequently Asked Questions. Or just download the trial version and get going!