Save time and effort for everyone at your event - including you

Gatekeeper is a free Windows app to handle sign-in and reporting for any Lochac event. Since early 2017 it's been used and refined at diverse large events including Festival, Canterbury Faire, Great Northern War and Crown events. You'll get the most benefit if your event has 50ish attendees or more. Here's what THL Declan of Drogheda said after he first used Gatekeeper at Festival:

The Gatekeeper software itself was a roaring success. The look of surprise on peoples faces when their sign-in was done was delightful. I received lots of positive feedback during Festival on the speed of the process.

After running bookings and gate for Great Northern War 2019, THL Kamara (Deputy Exchequer for Australia) had this to say:

It was amazing! Both my gate team and event-goers were blown away by how easy it was... ...I've been praising the use of both Square and Gatekeeper as an excellent combo for Aussie events.

Canterbury Faire steward THL Maximilian von Monsterberg noted:

Gatekeeper's sign-in report made my life much easier because it let me quickly track all attendees, whether they booked or not. It helped me reconcile gate income and quickly produce handy totals such as Kingdom & Event levies, and also the day/night attendance numbers so I could work out what site fees to pay.

Or, as Spring War's Gate Deputy, Mistress Lillian d'Ath, said:

OMG it is fantastically awesome! I really like it.

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